Why You Shouldn't Mow Wet Grass

Why You Shouldn't Mow Wet Grass
We’ve all heard you shouldn’t mow your lawn when its wet. But why? What’s the reasoning behind this? Will cutting it when it is wet murder the lawn?
Some people say your lawn will look bad because the clippings are going to clump. Others say it makes your grass limp. Some people say you will damage your lawn or your blades will slip.
We know that sometimes you are unable to wait to cut your grass and you must do it when it is wet. Sometimes the weather is not our friend. It has rained for a few days and there is a small break where you can cut the grass before the next few days of storms, should you cut it or let it be?
We’ll give you the rundown and the myths and truths of mowing your wet lawn.

Mowing Grass When Wet- Always a Bad Idea?

There are a lot of good reasons you do not want to mow your grass when it is wet. You could easily slip when the grass is wet, and this is especially true if you struggle to get around. Plus, if you do slip, you are near sharp blades which could seriously injure you.
Plus, your lawn will look unattractive and patchy due to clumping. The only way to avoid your grass looking like this after you mow it when wet is to rake it up which takes a lot of extra work and gas.
Your grass is not in a great state to mow when it is wet. This means that the grass will not look tidy or neat when you are finished.
Keep in mind that the chlorophyll or the part that makes you green will be more prone to staining when it is wet. You may end up spotted green and so could your house and driveway!
If you are a perfectionist with your lawn, you will have to deal with the fact that it is long. You should wait until it is fully dry to mow your grass. However, if you must mow the grass, remember wet grass will be sticky. It will stick to the bottom of your deck on your lawnmower. This could clog the motor. You can get around this by going slower and cleaning as you go, but it is not recommended. So, if you do not literally want a green thumb or bad grass, you should wait to cut it until it is dry.

Can I Mow Wet Grass?

You can cut wet grass; however, you are going to deal with the disadvantages listed above. However, there are a few conditions that you can meet that will allow you to cut the grass if it is damp.
  1. The ground should not be soggy. If you walk on the ground and the grass sinks, the grass is way too wet.
  2. Never use an electric lawn mower on wet grass. This could cause an electric shock and even death.
  3. Your lawn mower blades are sharp.
If you are meeting all the three conditions above and your lawn needs a cutting bad, you can mow your lawn. You can even make it easier by spraying your deck with silicone spray or even oiling the deck to help prevent the grass from sticking.