Why You Should Be Using Baby Powder for Your Garden

Why You Should Be Using Baby Powder for Your Garden
There are many uses for baby powder, but did you know you can use it in the garden too?
Well, now you do. We are going to take a look at the top uses for baby powder in a garden!
You may be surprised and it may be a new thing that goes in with your garden tools.

1. Baby Powder is Good for Baby Flowers

Not only is baby powder good for babies, but it is also good for baby flowers too! It is great for your bulbs in the garden. If you are planting bulbs, sprinkle them with baby powder before you plant them in the ground. The roots are going to grow better and have less of a chance of rotting. Baby powder also helps protect bulbs from hungry pests that may want to eat the bulbs as a meal.

2. Baby Powder Keeps Bugs Away

If you see ants in the garden, it is almost inevitable that they will be in your home soon. However, by using baby powder, you can help prevent this problem. Baby powder will act as a shield against ants. Ants completely avoid baby powder. When you prevent ants, you are also helping keep away plant lice or aphids. Aphids and ants have a relationship if you see one you probably have the other. You can also put baby powder on the leaves to help keep away the Japanese beetles that find a meal in the leaves.

3. Deter Large Pests

Insects are annoying; yes, however, large pests can be just as bad. Bunnies and raccoons do just as much damage as insects, if not more. However, you can help prevent this by simply sprinkling baby powder on the plants and around them. Now that you have done this, the bunnies won’t find your plants a delicious meal anymore. It also helps get rid of pests such as possums and raccoons. They do not mind eating the baby powder; however, they hate it when it gets on them. They especially hate when it is on their paws.

4. Helps Remove Gloves Easier

When you are done working in the garden, it can be a struggle to peel off your sweaty gloves. However, before you start gardening and before you use your gloves, put some baby powder in the gloves. Once you are done gardening, removing your gloves will not be as hard. They should essentially come right off. Plus, it helps soothe the hands and keep them less achy and sore.

5. Bye-Bye Blisters

If you use garden tools regularly, you know that they cause blisters. This does not have to be the case if you use baby powder. Sprinkle baby powder on the handles of your gardening tools and your hands will thank you. This is very helpful if you do not use garden gloves. If you sprinkle baby powder on the handles you will also notice less slipping. The baby powder will act similar to gymnasts’ chalk.

6. You Will Smell Fresh

Gardening can be a stinky chore. Not to mention, you usually will sweat a lot because you usually garden on hot summer days. You can put baby powder in your shoes and this will help soak up sweat and prevent any mold from forming. As we said, you can probably do without the sweat and earth smell you notice after gardening.
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