What Is Vertical Gardening

What Is Vertical Gardening
Many people have heard of traditional gardening and most people have a traditional garden, however, have you ever heard of vertical gardening?
It is the new way to garden when you have little space. It also comes with less maintenance.

What is a Vertical Garden?

A vertical garden is where your plants are climbing and growing upwards. This helps you save space and will allow you to put less effort into a garden. Not to mention, it will help you yield a lot more crops and it will reduce pests. Reduced pests mean fewer disease with your plants.
Vertical gardens are great for those who are looking for a better yield or those who do not have a lot of space for a traditional garden. You can make a vertical garden growing up or even growing down with a few simple items.
Vertical gardening is effortless and it is very productive. You can grow many plants with this type of gardening. Not to mention, this type of gardening is guaranteed to allow you to have a better growing year. Plus, there are a lot of different fruits, veggies, and flowers that grow great with vertical gardening.
Vertical gardening requires less work and attention. Plus, it does not require a lot of space. Not to mention, you do not have to weed, water, or fertilize nearly as often. Especially if you are growing items such as tomatoes or beans.

How to Grow a Vertical Garden

Choose Your Style

When you want to start growing a vertical garden, you must first decide which type of vertical garden you want to plant. There are many different types of ways you can plant a vertical garden. One simple way is the container-style. This means that plants are potted and attached to a nearby wall. They may also be displayed by stacking or in rows.
You may also have heard about the pocket garden. These are where the plants are tucked into felt or canvas pockets.
You can also grow your garden on wall planters. These can be plastic or wood. These planters will have slots in them. If you want to recycle, you can use pallets for this as well. However, with this system, your soil is not as contained and you may need to use mesh to help the soil stay in place.

Choose Your Place

When you want to plant this garden, it can go almost anywhere you want it to go. You can even grow it indoors if you would like. Just make sure that you are planting the right plants inside it based on how much sun is going to be on the planter. You can even purchase containers that are built to be outside during the summer and inside during the winter.

Choose the Plants

You can grow herbs, perennials, vegetables, succulents, trailing varieties, and ferns. You need to be aware of how flexible the plants are that you are planting. If you have plants that are very flexible they will fall when they start to grow. This is what you want when you are growing down. You want to also make sure that you are not growing plants that are woody. These plants will stick straight out and not look nice.

Planting Basics

You should use potting soil to start your vertical garden. Keep in mind that these gardens dry quickly like pots. When you use potting soil, the soil will retain the water better than other types of soil. Plus, you should also know that the water will be drawn downwards. This means you should plant that needs less water higher up and those that need more water towards the bottom.
If you are putting this vertical garden outdoors, you will want to keep it illuminated at night because it is so beautiful.
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You are now a pro on vertical gardening. You can get started right now and create the most beautiful garden you have ever seen.