What Is Softscaping

What Is Softscaping
Softscaping.. Ever heard of it? Many people haven’t. But I have everything you need to know about it.


Softscaping refers to the living elements of your landscaping design. If you are looking for simpler terms, it is looking at the plants. The softscape elements are beautifully complimented by all the hardscape elements. Hardscape elements include stone, tile, brick, and other items.
It is not correct to say that all items that are related to softscape are soft. Trees are a part of softscaping but they are in no means soft, especially if you run into one on accident. For something to qualify as a softscape item, it must be a plant. It can be your lawn or even a weed growing in the grass. For example, if you have fescue grass growing, that counts as softscape. The plants do not have to be expensive showy plants to qualify as softscaping.
Generally, with that being said, we do not like to include plants that are considered weeds in the softscaping family, but we cannot exclude them because every homeowner has different taste. Some people consider plants weeds whereas others consider them flowers. Some people even grow beneficial weeds to help their gardens.
When you think of softscaping, you should be thinking of five different categories. You should be thinking of
  1. Trees
  2. Flowers
  3. Grass
  4. Shrubs
  5. Flower Beds
Any duties that are involved in lawncare are going to fall under softscaping. This includes fertilizing, digging, trimming, planting, grading, and mowing.  Softscaping can refer to lawncare but it also refers to gardening. Removing weeds and the upkeep of your lawn, garden, and other planted areas fall into the softscaping category as well.

How to Softscape

Most people will ask you how to soften the edge of a patio. Most patios have sharp pointed edges which are unappealing to many people. It is not practical to build a patio or deck with rounded edges because it can be difficult and costly. This is where softscaping will come into play. You will use your softscape to complement your hardscape. In this case, you will use your plants to make your patio look like it has rounded edges. You can use container gardens to soften the edges of your patio. You can spend a lot of money doing this but you can also find items for cheaper if you look. Not to mention, there are a lot of DIY options out there.
There are many ways you can softscape and above is just one of the many ways. You can softscape your front yard with a new garden that has new plants. Softscaping is when you use plants to enhance or compliment your hardscaping. Hardscaping objects include patios, walkways, and decks. When softscaping and hardscaping you should keep in mind that they should complement each other when you are finished working.

When to Use Softscaping

You may want to softscape your already existing landscape to accent it. For example, adding softscaping around your walkways is a great way to enhance your already beautiful landscaping. Flowers or shrubs around an existing feature always enhances the look. Not to mention, softscaping helps increase your curb appeal as well as the property’s value.

Accenting Your Softscaping

You should always be looking for ways to accent both your softscape and your hardscape items. You want to make your pathways stand out. You can do this by adding flowers to the edge of the pathway.
But at night, your soft scape can look boring and bland.
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You now know the difference between softscape and hardscape. You are also aware of what it is and how to use it to make your home look and feel better. You can make your home beautiful with a few different softscaping additions.