What is Mood Lighting

What is Mood Lighting
Did you know lights can change your home's overall atmosphere?
Many people have heard the term mood lighting but do not know the actual definition. I am here to go into details and explain why it may just be what you need for your home.

What is Mood Lighting?

Mood lighting is used where you want to create a certain atmosphere in a room. Most often, mood lighting is soft lights that create more practical lighting. It helps make lighting more practical and helps with task and lighting for your convenience. Mood lighting can also be used to soften the décor in a certain room.

Where is Mood Lighting Used?

Mood lighting can be used almost anywhere to help enhance the area that you are in. This could mean outdoors on a patio or in the dining room. Keep in mind that you need normal lighting for daily life. This could include lights under a cabinet to see what you are cooking or the ceiling light in the living room. However, you can enhance these areas by adding mood lighting as well.

Living/Dining Room Mood Lighting

One example is a table lamp on the dresser or a lamp on the end table in the living room. When you use this type of lighting you can turn off your main lighting source. This provides you with a softer and more relaxing mood. This lighting can be used when entertaining guests or unwinding after a long day at work.
However, with that being said, you can use the main light to create mood lighting as well. This is especially true if your light has a dimming feature. It can be bright for task lighting but dimmed to provide a sense of relaxation as the day goes on.
When you have different lighting sources it allows for different shadows and shades which can make the room feel different from the day.

Kitchen Mood Lighting

The living room and dining room are not the only rooms that could use some mood lighting. You can have mood lighting throughout the entire house. You can even have it in the kitchen! With more people spending time in the kitchen, mood lighting is a great idea. Installing dimmable cabinet lights is a great way to provide mood lighting in the kitchen. You could also install color changing lights that you can change to suit a certain mood.
You have another option in the kitchen, you can use split lighting styles. You can use your cabinet lights for your task lights and plinth lights for your mood lighting. Because this lighting is at floor level, it doesn’t catch your eye a lot but offers enough light to catch the mood. These lights can be soft and warm or even colors to suit your mood.

Bedroom Mood Lighting

When people think of mood lighting, the first place they think of is in the bedroom. You can add lights on your nightstand to provide a softer glow. Mood lighting helps you relax and unwind after a stressful day.
There are a few ways to incorporate mood lighting into the bedroom. This includes the lamps as stated above or even clip-on lights that are attached to the table. If you plan on redecorating, you can think of installing lights on the walls that have a dimming feature.

Outdoor Mood Lighting

You can have mood lighting outdoors! You should have task lighting such as floodlights in your yard but you should also have lights that are there to provide some light when you are outside enjoying yourself.
Outdoor mood lighting is often the softest lights that can be purchased. It is dark outside after all! 
Usually, these lights are on the patio or outdoor space such as by a firepit. 
One of the best ways to achieve this lighting is by using solar lights. Just place a few of our Bright Rights around to cast stunning LED light all over your yard!
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