What Animals Dig Holes In Your Yard

What Animals Dig Holes In Your Yard
Here at Bright Right we strive to keep your yard looking stunning.
But what can make your yard look terrible is “eye-sore” holes dug by annoying animals!
It may be hard for you to identify which animal it is; however, but just looking at the hole can give you some pointers.
A hole can tell you what animal has been digging by its size, shape, and the location of the hole. I’ll reveal the most common culprits.
Before we get into what animals dig, we should be aware of why they are digging. Some animals dig to find their next meal, while others dig to prepare themselves a home. It all depends on the type of hole as to what animal is digging it and what it is going to be used for.

1. Mole

A mole is going to be a pretty obvious one because it will leave tunnels through the yard under your grass. You will see raised tunnels. These are how they travel and feed. Even though it may not look great, the moles are actually aerating your lawn.
The whole will be about the size of a quarter. The holes are used to find food which is oftentimes worms and grubs. If you do not want moles in your yard, treat your lawn for grubs.

2.  Chipmunks

Chipmunks are going to dig to look for food. Oftentimes you will see their holes in a garden where they are looking for bulbs or seeds from a flower. The holes are going to be shallow. However, chipmunks will burrow. If you notice a hole the size of a fifty-cent piece, it may be a burrowing entrance hole. This hole will also be clean with little dirt surrounding it. These holes are often found under a sidewalk and next to houses. They can even be found near the roots of trees.
Chipmunks may cause some small holes and dig but it is unlikely that they will cause any damage to the home itself. They are very mild and small creatures that keep to themselves. They are only looking for food and shelter.

3. Skunks

If a skunk is digging you will know because these holes are three inches deep. They also create conical holes. These holes look as if a pen or pencil was stuck in the ground and swirled. It almost will look like a funnel.
If a skunk is digging to burrow for shelter, the entrance will be fairly large. The size of a grapefruit to be exact. You will also notice some pebbles have been built up around the front where they have an entrance. Skunks like to burrow near and under sheds and porches.

4. Raccoons

Raccoons are going to dig holes that are fairly similar to a skunk. They may be a little bigger. You may find it easier to identify the animal digging a hole if you find hair on nearby branches.
If a raccoon is digging for food on your lawn or in your lawn, you will notice that it looks like someone is rolling back your sod. It is not necessarily a hole in this case.

5. Groundhogs

Groundhogs are going to be more obvious because their holes are large and deep. They are going to be the biggest hole of the list and will be deeper than the rest as well. They will oftentimes be as large as a soccer ball.
The entrance will be earth mounded. Keep in mind that the holes are so large that other animals take over them as their home. However, groundhogs are going to be the culprit for the damage. These burrows may have multiple exits and entrance points. However, they do not always have many points.
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