Ways to Make A Small Garden Look Bigger

Ways to Make A Small Garden Look Bigger
We all have to come to a realization at some point, our garden is small.
This could be because we are renting a place or because we simply do not have the room to make a large garden. But I’ve got the tips to make any small garden seem much bigger!
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1. Use Bigger Pots and More Plants

If you have a lot of small planters or pots all over the place it will seem cluttered. The more cluttered the space is, the smaller it looks. You should be using larger potters or pots to keep it stylish and tidy. Plus, you should be using the same material for all your pots.

2. Make Everything Work Harder

If you have folding chairs, they are easy to store. However, you can also build your flowerbeds in a raised pattern that uses thicker walls to be a chair. You can also buy seating that has storage built-in.

3. Lift Skirts

We are talking about branches that are low on deciduous trees and/or shrubs. This will allow you to pack more into your garden. You will also want to plant bulbs that bloom in the spring under your trees because they will bloom before the tree takes over.

4. Paint

You are going to want to make your home’s dumping ground and storage area a little prettier. This could mean painting the tool shed or storage shed. Once painted, you can add a trellis and have a climbing plant on it. It is now an attractive part of the garden and not an eyesore.

5. Use Mirrors

This is super easy to do but not many people think of it. Mirrors are going to reflect the plants and items in your garden and flood the area with light. This will make the garden look double what the size actually is. You should angle the mirrors and not put them on flat walls.

6. Divide Your Space

When you have a garden, you need to break up your line of vision. When you do this the garden looks twice as big immediately if not bigger.

7. Blue Plants

If you use blue plants at the end or edge of the garden they are going to recede into the distance. This makes the edge of the garden fade into the horizon and looks much bigger. Hot colors are going to make the edges seem closer so avoid using hot colors.

8. Match Your Materials

You should not be using more than three different materials in your garden. You should be keeping it pretty similar. For example, if you live in a brick home, make your garden have brick in it.

9. Avoid Too Many Colors

If you are using a lot of colors, you can make the area feel cluttered. Keep your palette under control. You do not want it to look like a clown.

10. Use Levels

If you are using levels in the garden your garden appears much larger. You can even make raised areas a multipurpose area for seating as well.

11. Grow Tall

You sometimes have to think big in order to get the full picture. A lot of gardens feature small plants that make you look down. This is going to make the garden appear smaller. You want plants that are going to grow tall and climb. These are going to make the person look up and make your garden look bigger.