Ways To Attract Fireflies In Your Yard

Ways To Attract Fireflies In Your Yard
Fireflies are one of the best things that you can attract to your yard.  I am going to give you a few tips to help you get the attention of these beautiful creatures.

Provide Fireflies with Attractive Plants

Fireflies love long grass and shrubs. During the day, this is where they hide until it becomes dark. Even at night, the fireflies like to perch themselves upon the grass stems. You do not have to grow a jungle for this to happen, just let the edges grow a little longer than the rest. You do want to be careful allowing your grass to get long around the edges, this can attract ticks as well.

Plant Native Pine Trees

When pine trees are cut down, fireflies do not have nearly as many places to lay their eggs. Planting native pine trees in your yard are going to attract fireflies. The pine trees provide natural protection and block out light that can cause issues with mating. Plus, the needles are soft which make it a great place to allow their offspring to grow.

Plant Flowers

Fireflies love both nectar and pollen. By simply adding more plants to your yard, you should notice a spike in the number of fireflies near your home. You should plant local flowers if possible. This will attract the most fireflies.

Allow Stored Wood to Rot

Some firefly species like to lay their eggs on rotten logs. When their eggs hatch, they will feed on snails, worms, and slugs found in the wood. If you store firewood in your yard, you are likely to attract some fireflies. Allow the wood to have airflow by stacking it loosely. Do not disturb the area in which fireflies are settled. You should also keep the piles close to the edge of the yard because the rotting process may begin to smell. Do not do this if you live in an area that is common for wildfires.

Build a Pond

Moisture will draw fireflies closer. Standing water and areas with a marshy feel are going to bring in fireflies. You can build a small pond in your garden or yard to help bring more fireflies around. You may consider putting plants or decorative stones in your pond. Keep in mind that this might attract mosquitoes as well.

Turn Lights Off

You should keep your yard as dark as possible. We know that a pitch-black yard is not possible because it could cause people to trip. You do want to add some light, keep it less harsh. The Bright Right solar lights are a good option to install around pathways. They provide enough light for the path but do not deter fireflies away.

Don’t Use Pesticides

Fireflies will not come to an area that has been sprayed with pesticides. Do not use herbicides, chemicals, or other pesticides on your yard or plants. This will immediately show results.

Leave Grubs, Slugs, Snails, and Worms Alone

You may not know this but fireflies are carnivores and they like to eat the slimier insects. If you allow grubs, slugs, snails, and worms in your yard, there will be more fireflies. Fireflies love to feast on these critters.
We all love fireflies because they are beautiful and they help brighten even the darkest of nights. With these tips, you can attract fireflies with ease. Keep in mind that it will not happen overnight and it may take some time. 
While getting fireflies may take a while, you can light up your yard in just a couple of minutes with our Bright Right Solar Powered Lights. Just set them down and when night falls, your yard will be filled with stunning LED light.


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