Unexpected Benefits of Landscape Lighting

Unexpected Benefits of Landscape Lighting
Did you know adding landscape lighting can boost the value of your home? I won’t leave you in the dark here! I’ll tell you the secrets behind what a good set of outdoor lights can do for your home.

What is Landscape Lighting?

Landscape lighting is where you illuminate your yard or areas of your house at night. This will allow you to see your home and its beautiful features even though it is dark out. Sometimes this is also called night scaping. Landscape lighting also provides safety measures.
It allows you to walk down your pathway without falling. They can even deter burglars and keep you and your family safer at night. Now, landscape lighting is more than sticking a light in the ground and calling it quits. Some special methods and techniques are used to provide the best lighting possible.

Looking at Your Home at Night

Your house and your lawn look amazing; however, you never get to see it because you are at work or you simply don’t want to hide your hard work. There are a few reasons why you would want landscape lighting. You want to highlight the features of your home and the garden or trees.
Plus, if done properly, landscape lighting can provide you with a higher or better curb appeal. Not to mention, landscape lighting can help provide your family with security.

Benefits of Landscape Lighting

There are many benefits, however, we have taken the top benefits and put them in a list so that you can learn why you should invest in landscape lighting. These benefits might persuade you to get to work!

1. Visual Appeal

When you install your lighting properly it can accent your home and the surrounding areas such as your garden. It will accent your doorway, intricate details, and other areas. Wash lights and bullet lights are best for this.
You can use downlights that help light the branches and your yard. It helps emphasize the shape and size when placed underneath the trees. Floodlights are great for garden walls and other focal points that you want to come to life at night. They help emphasize the texture and color of your items.
Not to mention, these lights make the home more inviting to guests. Plus, it increases your outdoor space at night because you can use it. If planned and executed properly, your yard can become an illuminated showplace for your guests.

2. Security

Dark homes are the most targeted homes in a community. They are going to avoid ones that are lit up because people are likely home. Landscape lighting will deter thieves because they do not have any darkness to hide in.
Lighting will draw attention to your home and people driving by could see the burglar and identify them. If you install landscape lighting, you have less of a chance of being a burglary victim. Plus, the homeowner can see in their yard better to identify who is coming and going during the night.
Not to mention, you may get insurance credit because you are installing exterior lighting to help deter thieves away. You can reduce the insurance premium by investing in landscape lighting.

3. Safety

Lighting your yard is going to increase your visibility and make it safer to walk in at night. It helps prevent you from falling and your guests and family. Plus, it makes a better place for safer outdoor parties to occur.

4. Value

No matter how big or small your home is, adding landscape lighting will increase your home’s value. Especially if it is done properly. Lights add space and provide a sense of depth to the home. Not to mention, it makes it safer which all makes it better for you home.
If you want to make your home look stunning at night for a fraction of the cost of what other outdoor light systems cost, just use our Bright Rights.
You can install them in just a few minutes and they are solar powered so you don’t need any wiring or to replace any batteries.

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