Tips For Dog Proofing Your Garden

Tips For Dog Proofing Your Garden
As much as we LOVE our dogs, we also would love for them to NOT start digging through our stunning garden.
Most people who have gardens also have a dog. Dogs can be a real pain if they get into the garden and destroy all your hard work.  
I have a few tips that you can take into consideration to help you dog-proof your garden. Let us take a deeper look into some tips that can save your garden from your furry friend.

Use Stakes

If your dog is prone to lying down in your flower beds, simply put some stakes throughout your bed. These stakes should be short and non-pointed. You simply do not want them to be comfortable laying in the flower bed. Flat stakes will get the job done. You are not looking to harm your pet.

Use Thorny Branches

If you have soft soil or have just mulched or seeded your flower beds, it is no wonder your dogs are attracted to these areas. To help keep your dog out, place thorns or thorny branches at certain intervals in the area that you need it.

Make a Fence

You can use chicken-wire to fully protect your entire flower bed. You do not have to make this a permanent solution. You can design it to be used when needed and taken down when you would like. Simply put stakes around the perimeter and put the wire over these end stakes. You simply prop the wire against the stakes when you are using it and roll the wire up when you do not want to use it.

Add Levels

If you have problems with your dog getting into your fruits or vegetables, simply make levels. Dogs are less likely to climb to start digging and making a mess. If you add levels to your garden, it should result in a safer place for your plants and flowers.

Make a Designated Dig Zone

You should encourage your dog to dig, however, you should make sure they are digging in their designated digging zone. This helps them do what they want to do but keeps it out of your garden and your flower beds. This digging zone can be a small section in your backyard. To help encourage digging in this area, make it better for them. Lay down sand or dirt to create a better environment for digging. You may try other softer soils or mediums to encourage digging as well.


If you plant pungent herbs such as rosemary in the corners of your garden, your dog will turn away. Dogs do not like the smell of rosemary. Not to mention, rosemary has many wonderful uses other than deterring animals away.


Most of the time your backyard is your dog’s safe place and happy place. If your plants become a problem for your dog, consider moving your more precious plants to the front. This helps protect the plants and can increase your curb appeal as well.

Make Other Areas More Dog-Friendly

If your garden is in the backyard where your dog often goes, consider installing more friendly features for them. You could install an outdoor shower station for your pooch or even put a dog bed in the vicinity of your garden so they are not alone when you are in the garden. You can also water your dog when you water the plants. Your dog loves water and during the hot summer months, they need water too. Make sure that you are interacting with your dog and keeping them hydrated as well.

The Bigger the Better

Purchase more developed plants. This helps ensure that your dog cannot easily trample and kill them. Most of the time, dogs are accidentally wrecking plants, not on purpose.
To help keep your garden illuminated at night so you can watch your pooch more closely, you should install solar lights. You can do this in just a couple of minutes with our Bright Right Solar Powered Lights. Just set them down and when night falls, your yard will be filled with stunning LED light.

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Take care of your garden and keep it safe with these tips. Take on your garden with pride and a sense of relief knowing your dog won’t destroy your hard work.