Must-Have Garden Tools

Must-Have Garden Tools
If you care about your yard, there are a few essential tools you must have.
As we all know, the right tool makes the job easy.

1. Gloves

Gardening is a beautiful pastime and it is wonderful. However, without gloves, you may be in for some splinters and thorns. You may even suffer from some blisters.
  • Gloves should be durable and not too bulky.
  • The gloves should fit properly.
  • You should purchase water-resistant gloves but make sure they are breathable.
  • If you purchase long cuff wrist gloves, this helps prevent scratches on the forearm and soil from entering the glove.
  • You can use anvil pruners for deadwood.
  • Bypass pruners are better for live wood and live plants.
  • You shouldn’t struggle to get the pruners to fit into your hand.
  • Garden forks that have a curve in them are good for scooping.
  • Straight forks work best for digging.
  • Square forks are the strongest.

2. Pruning Shears

Secateurs or hand pruners are going to help you reign in those out of control plants. This will allow you to keep your garden neatly trimmed and looking nice.

3. Loppers

This is another type of tool used that are almost like pruners but with longer handles. This tool is used to trim those places that are harder to reach and those thick branches. Just like pruners, there are anvil and bypass loppers. You can get these in 36-inch length and 16-inch length. There are also a lot of availabilities of size in-between.

4. Garden Fork

This tool is used to turn the soil. This works better than a spade for digging dense soils.

5. Hand Trowel

This tool is used for transplanting plants and herbs. It can also be used for taking out weeds and even containers for planting. You want to have a broad blade so that you can move more soil and a narrow blade for weeds.

6. Spade

These are short shovels that are used a lot in gardening. Digging is made easier and even edging. You can lift sod and move dirt easily with this. If you are worried about the price, keep in mind that a good spade will last you forever.

7. Rake

When you have a garden, you know that debris and leaves fall. You will want a rake to help make clean-up easier. You can purchase different types of rakes based on where you are using them. However, the best starter rake is just your standard rake used for leaves.

8. Hoe

You are going to determine what type of hoe you need depending on what type of garden you have. Veggie gardens will need a wide hoe, perennial gardens will need a thinner smaller hoe. Hoes are used to prepare your beds and cut weeds.

9. Adjustable Nozzle Garden Hose

Water will be essential for your garden to survive. You will need to have a hose that will be able to spray the area you need. You will also want a nozzle that is adjustable so that you can control the pressure of water that is being sprayed and how far it sprays.

10. Watering Wand

This is a wand that provides your plants with a gentle watering compared to forceful water from a hose.

11. Watering Can

There are two types of cans that you can buy, metal or plastic. After you choose which type you want, it is up to you whether you want pink or blue or what size.

12. Wheelbarrow

When you are gardening you are going to need to haul soil, mulch, or even compost to the garden. Hauling this from one place to another can be such a hassle. However, with a wheelbarrow, it is made a whole lot easier and it is better for your health too.
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