How To Use Coffee Filters In Your Garden

How To Use Coffee Filters In Your Garden

A lot of us drink coffee and have filters on hand at all times. But did you know they can be used in the garden?

Here’s 7 unique ways you can make gardening a little easier and cheaper with coffee filters.

1. Flower Pot Liner

Some people place paper towels in their flower pots. However, you can use a coffee filter and it is better than using a paper towel. This will help stop dirt from falling through the holes in the bottom of the pot which is used for letting the excess water drain. The coffee filter will still allow the water to drain and the air to get into the plant. It helps provide you with less mess and a healthier plant.

2. Wrap Herbs

    You can use coffee filters to help you dry herbs. To do this, you will want to put your herbs on the coffee filter and fold the filter. You will then tie the filter onto the plant and put them in direct sunlight to dry out.

    3. Dry Tomato Seeds

    Before you start, your seeds must be rinsed. Once rinsed, place them on a coffee filter and spread them out nicely. You do not want them to be in clumps or stick together. Once you do this, put them in a safe place where they will not be disturbed for a few days. You should let them dry but you should also move them around a few times daily to make sure they are drying out evenly. After you move them around, put them on a new, dry coffee filter. This will help the drying process move along faster.

    4. Label Starter Pots

    You can use a coffee pot to help label your seeds in their starter pots. This makes it easier to know what is what and where your plants are. This also makes it easier to monitor the growth of seed so you can plant them properly and take care of them accordingly.

    5. Seed Starter Tray

    To do this you will want to arrange your coffee filters in a tray. You will then want to fill the filter with soil and other materials needed for growth. Coffee filters are great places to plant seedlings. They provide proper drainage and aeration for a new plant.

    6. Coffee Filter with the Grounds

    Coffee grounds are great for plants such as roses and hydrangeas. The grounds are great for any type of acidic loving plant. You will place your grounds in a coffee filter with grass. The grass clippings are optional. You will then place this bundle near the base of your plants to help them grow and be healthier.

    7. Cat Repellent

    Sometimes stray cats will use our gardens as a litterbox. We hate this but what can we do? Well, you can simply put coffee filters filled with grounds in your garden randomly. You can also just sprinkle the grounds in your garden to help prevent digging and them using your garden as a litterbox. It also can help protect them from dangerous plants. Make sure that you are not using bleached filters in your garden.

    As you can see there are many uses for coffee filters in the garden. Some require you to have coffee grounds and some do not. Many people do not think to use coffee filters over traditional means of gardening, but hey, if it works, why not? Coffee filters are a great option.

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    You now know how to save money with coffee filters in your garden. You also know how to protect the environment by using solar-powered lights. The only thing stopping you now is yourself!