Eco-friendly Tips For A Greener Backyard

Eco-friendly Tips For A Greener Backyard
With summer here, having a nice and green lawn at your home feels like a necessity!
But some products and techniques are not the most eco-friendly. Here at Bright Right with our solar powered lights we like to give tips and advice  on how to achieve a stunning yard as eco-friendly as possible
So I put together a list of things you can do to help your lawn stay green this summer!


Water is a precious resource, so part of eco-friendly lawn care is about conserving water.  The soil that your grass grows in can become quite compacted over time.  When this happens, it is difficult for water to efficiently penetrate the ground and the water from your sprinkler may evaporate before being taken up by the grass.
You can aerate to help break up the soil and allow the water to penetrate the ground.  Doing this ensures that the roots of your grass will receive the moisture that they need.

Don’t Bag It

If you cut your grass fairly frequently, then you can avoid bagging the clippings.  As long as the grass is reasonably short the clippings will actually compost back into the soil, which serves as an organic fertilizer.  You’re essentially using the grass to fertilize itself, which saves money as well.

Water at Night

In the hot summer, a great deal of the water that you put on your lawn evaporates before it even hits the ground.  Some water, of course, makes its way down and reaches the roots, but some evaporates off the ground as well.
You can avoid this problem by watering your lawn after midnight.  The air is cool enough by this time that evaporation shouldn’t be a problem.  The water will have plenty of time to soak into the cooler ground at this hour of the night as well.
Conserving water is an important part of caring for the planet.  Water is a precious resource so avoiding wastage is a good idea,

Go Electric

There has never been a better time to go electric.  Many years ago using an electric lawn mower meant dragging a power cord all over your yard.  If you had a sizable yard it became even more of a challenge.  In those days it made perfect sense to use a gas-powered mower.  In recent years, however, battery technology has improved significantly.
The new electric mowers don’t need to be plugged in, they run on powerful and long-lasting lithium-ion batteries.  This eliminates the possibility of spilling gas in your soil and also eliminates the exhaust gases produced by gasoline engines.

Kitchen Compost

You can save food waste from your kitchen and compost it to make organic fertilizer.  This replaces the chemical fertilizers you use with something that is far more beneficial to the environment.

Buffer the Lake

If your lawn backs up against a body of water, it’s a good idea to create some type of buffer between your grass and the water itself.  Leave a ribbon of grass that is not maintained, and is allowed to grow long.  This will prevent anything toxic from running off of your lawn into the creek or lake.
If it’s a creek especially, then the water will run downstream and become part of the greater watershed system.

Catch the Rain

You can make use of the rain that falls on your roof by building a catch system.  Essentially all you have to do is run the downspout from your gutter into a large drum.  When it rains the drum will catch the rainwater and pretty soon you will have a free source of fresh water.
This water can be used not just on your lawn, but in your garden as well.
By using just a few of these techniques together you can make your backyard greener, but also eco-friendly.
And of course to spruce up that lawn at night, place a few of our Bright Rights around to cast stunning LED light all over your yard!
These use solar power to charge during the day so you won’t be changing annoying batteries or running ugly wires over your yard.
Just set them down and instantly transform your yard into a stunning paradise.