Cheap Ideas to Make Your Front Yard More Cheerful

Cheap Ideas to Make Your Front Yard More Cheerful
What if I tell you that you do not have to spend an arm and a leg to make your front yard pretty? 
Yes! Making your yard more appealing is a lot easier than it may sound. 
In fact, I am going to share some ways you can beautify your front yard without breaking the bank. 

The Yard

You are generally going to have grass in your front yard. If you do, you want to make sure that this grass is cut and clean. Having a neatly trimmed yard will make your yard look better and appear more cheerful. You are also going to want to make sure that you do not have a field of weeds or dandelions. This is going to make your house look messy and miserable. Lastly, make sure that your grass is nice and thick. You want your grass to look nice, not blotchy.

Plant Flowers

If you have a porch or patio that has a flower bed around it, you can do many things with that. You can plant beautiful shrubbery and bushes to fill this in. However, make sure that you are keeping these bushes and shrubs trimmed to make sure that you are matching your beautiful yard. You can also plant flowers that require low maintenance. This means that the flower will pretty much be good on its own without any serious maintenance requirements.
If you do not have flowerbeds, you can buy planters and put flowers in planters and put the planters around the patio or deck. You do not want too many flowers and planters thought. Keep it at a pretty level where you get a splash of color and elegance.
Make sure that you are keeping this area free of weeds. Weeds do not scream cheerful. Weeds are going to show people that you are not able to keep up with maintenance and this is going to make your home uninviting.

The Front Door

If you have a worn down and broken front door, it makes your yard less appealing and less happy. You can replace your door or simply apply a new coat of paint or stain. This will increase your front yards cheerfulness by a lot. A bright and welcoming fresh front door is going to be a great idea to help improve your front yards cheer.

Your Patio and/or Deck

If your patio and/or deck is peeling away or has broken pieces, it is not very cheerful. In fact, it probably looks like your deck or patio is something out of a horror film. This is not going to scream cheerful. To help make it look better, add a fresh coat of paint or stain. If you need to replace boards and do not have a lot of money, do a few at a time when you can afford it.


If your yard is full of toys, equipment, or other items it is not going to be very welcoming. You should keep your yard tidy and neat. You do not want people tripping over items just to get to your front door. You should also always provide a pathway to your doors.


As stated before, you want pathways to the entry points of your home. You do not want these pathways to be overgrown and non-existent. It is also a great idea to line the pathways with decorative rock or plants. This adds a sense of happiness to the yard and land. Make sure to use a beautiful mulch and make the rocks and/or plants look elegant. Plants always provide a sense of happiness because of their smell and colors. 
You should also illuminate your pathways.
 If you place our Bright Rights in your yard, you can turn it into an impressive LED filled landscape that will have your neighbors jealous.
Just set them down or stake them into the dirt/grass. No wiring or battery replacements needed.
They charge off the sun during the day and automatically turn off at night.

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You are prepared to make your front yard look more cheerful. There is no stopping you now!