Best Night Blooming Plants

Best Night Blooming Plants
A flower or plant that booms at night can turn an average night in the yard into a spectacular view. A plant that blooms at night can release refreshing scents into the air while normal plants may not.
If you want to upgrade your yard quickly, trust me these are the way to go. I put them in my own yard and they impress all my friends over for evening barbeques.
Here’s 5 plants you need to look into for a yard that comes alive at night:

1. Night Scented Orchids


This flower is also known as the epidendrum nocturnum. It blooms at night and is native to tropical areas of South America and Central America. However, the plant grows in warm or cool conditions. It also blooms from summer to fall to provide you with a beautiful blooming plant almost the whole planting season long.
This plant has flowers that feature petals and sepals that are long and widespread. The flowers have a strong scent and could bloom with two or three flowers on one plant.

2. Nottingham Catchfly


This is a flower that is yellow or white or a mixture of the two. It is mainly a wildflower where it is found. The plant is found naturally in Southern Finland. It is named after the Nottingham Palace.
This plant likes to bloom between June and July. It opens in the late evenings and remains open during the night. When the sun comes out the plant closes. Each flower has small narrow petals that attract insects and moths.

3. Evening Primrose

This plant is cultivated for the edible roots and the oils. There is a fatty acid in the plant that is good for a person’s health. It is native to both Americas’. Keep in mind that there are about 145 different types of this flower. It is named because the flowers are only going to open at night.
The plant grows about three to five feet in height. It is in full bloom between July and August. It has yellow flowers that bloom at night only. Plus, this flower is strongly scented when it is open.

4. Chocolate Flower

This plant is also known as the berlandiera lyrata. It blooms late at night and is found in grasslands and even rocky areas of limestone soils. This plant is native to the United States and is also known as the Chocolate Scented Daisy. The flower gives off a fragrance that resembles chocolate.
These flowers are going to be in full bloom from mid-spring to the late summer. After the flowers have opened, they give off a cocoa smell until they close again.

5. Tropical Night Blooming Water Lilies

There are many types of blooming water lilies in the world. This type of flower is going to open at dusk and close up during the mid-morning hours. There are numerous colors that this plant comes in. Its most popular colors are bright purples, reds, blues, pinks, and oranges.
This is a very large plant that can have a diameter of up to twelve feet. Keep in mind that these grow best when the water is over 65 degrees.
These are all beautiful and deserve a great home. However, you should always check your soil, water temperatures, and other elements to make sure this plant will work in your garden area. If it cannot, there are plenty of others to choose from.