5 Things You Need to Consider Before Hosting an Outdoor BBQ

5 Things You Need to Consider Before Hosting an Outdoor BBQ
When you host a BBQ, it can be fun and simple. It is a way to get together with the people you love without having such a formal dinner.
Plus, you get to be outside in the fresh air and everyone can be outside in the nice weather.
Speaking of barbeques, a special 3 day weekend is coming up fast, and I’ve got something special planned for you.
But, I’ll tell you more about that tomorrow.
If you plan to host a BBQ this weekend, I put together 5 essential tips that can help it go much smoother.  

1. Make a Patio Dining Kit

There is always something nice about being able to grab your items and go. You should set up your patio as an on-the-go dining kit. The essentials should be in a basket that is easy to grab. You should keep your plates, paper towel, silverware, and straws in an easy to reach location. You can stock a basket with these items or simply use plates and plastic utensils. You should always have paper towels ready to use. You can now get paper towels that are half or quarter sheets instead of the full sheet. They are more durable and help with the mess.

2. Your Veggies

You should always prep your veggies and your side dishes ahead of the party. You can cut them earlier than the party and simply keep them in the fridge. You can also put a paper towel over the top of the veggies to help absorb any excess moisture. It also helps prevent the veggies from becoming soggy. You can also prepare items such as fruit, salads, and sautéed veggies ahead of time.

3. When to Grill

It is best to grill while your company arrives. You do not want to grill too early as the food will be cold. Plus, grilling with friends is great. It helps pass the time and you can even set out an appetizer to help hold people over. When you are making a meal such as a BBQ meal, it is fun to do with friends and gives you time to bond with people. Plus, you can trade recipes or get tips at this time from your friends.
You will also want to vary your menu. Burgers and hot dogs are great but sometimes you should make steak or chicken. Make sure you check with people to see if they have any allergies. Be creative and enjoy your menu.

4. Cleaning

Many people rush and clean up their whole house and yard before people come over. However, you should just worry about making sure the tables and chairs are clean. Simply spray and wipe before people arrive. No one will notice the other parts of the house or the yard. The grill is the center of attention and people are more focused on each other than the little things. You can use the hose to clean everything outside down and just make sure they are dry before people sit on the furniture.

5. Bugs

Many people do not like BBQs because of mosquitos, bees, or flies. You can prevent them. Put out traps and use repellents. You do not have to break the bank to have a good BBQ. Simply know what your yard is prone to and then purchase what you need to keep those pests away.
These 5 tips can help you host an impressive party this weekend. Hopefully if you host your own or visit a friends or family members you have a great time!
Fire Up the Grill!