2019 Gardening Trends

2019 Gardening Trends
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But they look even better inside or around a nicely kept yard and garden.
To help bring your yard to the next level, I have the top yard trends for 2019.

1. Low Maintenance

You should always have an organized garden. Why you may ask? Well, an unorganized garden is going to create a lot of mess which will lead to stress and a sense of being overwhelmed. Plus, a lot of people live in a busy world so simplifying a garden is going to help you out.
  • To simplify the garden, you should plant mostly perennials. These plants are going to come back year after year. You should also group these plants together based on their needs for watering.
  • You should remove any messy items such as shrubs or trees. Be sure that these plants that are being removed are not providing benefits. If they are taking over your garden, remove them.
  • You should purchase some type of irrigation system so that you do not have to do it.
  • Choose quality materials. This means stones that are not going to need repair for a long time and those that are not needing to be cleaned all the time. Gravel pathways are going to be a great option as well.

2. Create a Staycation Area

can create a place in your yard that makes you feel like you are on vacation. Plus, you can visit this place year-round. Many people are finding ways to make staycation spots so that they can relieve stress and relax in their gardens.
There are so many ways you can create a staycation area but here are a few ideas to help you come up with your dream staycation area.
  • Set up speakers that are weatherproof so that you can enjoy your favorite music while outdoors.
  • Purchase outdoor furniture that you like and want to sit in.
  • Make destination spaces. Set up a comfortable chair that gets you outdoors but is not too far away that it is forgotten.
  • If you love to cook, install an outdoor kitchen.
  • Make sure the area is well light so that accessing them in the dark is easy.

3. Make Focal Points

You are going to have structures in your garden area. It is almost inevitable. You will see walls, sheds, and even other boxes for equipment. Since you are seeing these items on a daily basis, why not make them fabulous compared to their normal eyesores.
To make these items less of an eyesore and more of a beautiful focal point there are a few ideas to help.
  • Find salvaged materials. This can include barn wood or even antique gates made of iron. This can be used to make a rustic pool house.
  • You can repurpose structures in your yard or garden area.
  • Build your own structure to be a focal point.

4. Private and Secluded Places Should Be Included

If you have a larger gardening area it is important that there are areas to get away. This will allow you to relax and spend some time to yourself. You are going to want to provide a place where you can be alone and have quiet time to read, relax, and even meditate. Many times, being in a garden in a secluded area is going to help you relax and feel more pampered.
There are easy ways to create this magical place for yourself. Here are a few tips to help you get started.
  • Only put seating for two people.
  • Water features should be available.
  • Lush, bushy, thick plants should surround the area.
  • Create an overhead enclosure.
  • ●    A wall could be built to help seclude it more.
  • ●    Use a neutral color palette to evoke a calm sense.
Creating a garden in 2019 is all about you and creating a relaxing space.
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